Future Updates

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Future Updates

Post  Aceraptor on Thu Feb 17, 2011 2:52 pm

Here is the list of the things I am going to add soon as I get a new computer:

Adding Tournament and Contest verbs
Adding new Teams(deciding still)
Adding 5th Generation pokemon(if I get all or most of them)
New map(Mapped by Camerongray)
Pokedex code
Type advatages
Attacks(questionable might cause lag but will be tested)
Adding more pokemon to the map
New Battle Fronteir Island
Ranks-Tournament Host,Contest Host
Npcs that will give you ranks if you have certain reqs
Rank up system(adding that soon)
Re-adding the boat system with a bigger boat
Re making islands
Bases will have new buildings
Bases will possibly be better
Shell Server
Client Side saving (so you will have your file on any server)
More Events will be added(I need ideas for these events)
Health bar(determines your pokemons hp in battles)

I will come up with more ideas as I'm away.

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